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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
She probably has a small nail in the kill zone. I do not remember ever bringing in a flat tire and having them patch it and send me on my way. I do remember needing to replace several tires because of where the hole was, and of course, one does not simply replace one tire...

Well, I did with my Subaru, but my ex had already replaced one tire with a used one. I was getting rid of the car. I have seen used cars advertised with four new tires, but it must have had four bad ones.

A new tire would be too different from three used ones, but a different used tire with three used ones?

Eh, good enough.

Apparently the tire guy said the tire still could blow up with a bike pump. I said "That doesn't make any sense! Why do you give them money?"
Go get a tire plug kit from the auto parts store. Plugs are more reliable than patches anyway, I've never seen a plug fail and I've seen many patches fail. The old mantra that 'you can't fix a hole on the outside tread' is hogwash. I've seen plugs hold up in a sidewall for 60,000 miles just fine.

The tire isn't going to blow. The only tire tires blow is if you drive on them nearly flat, and they fail largely due to extreme heat, and rubbing off the sidewalls, which aren't built to handle friction.
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