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I use the mileage markers on long stretches of Interstate to check the accuracy of my odometer. Over a 25 or 50 mile stretch or more, it seems to work pretty well.

When I first got my Mazda3, I found the odometer to be about 2% off compared with the mile markers. The speedometer also was off the same proportion.

Then, when I got slightly larger tires (20565R16) to replace the factory size tires (20560R16), I found the odometer to be about about 4% off compared with the mile markers, which was predicted by the tire comparison charts I consulted.

I got the slightly larger size because I find that a larger sidewall is more comfortable to ride on when going over the pothole-filled roads too common today. I know this is against the stylish rubber-bands-on-wagon-wheels so popular today, but at my age, my lumbar is more important than my ego.
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