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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
When the science is only based on observations then at best you can start to form a hypothesis.
It can be a sound hypothesis and competing hypothesis should be welcomed.
It seems that enough hypotheses have been batted around,that now we have enough theory,supported by empirical measurement to demonstrate the ability to predict climate trends,based upon chosen scenarios,with a high degree of confidence.NASA and NOAA have been nailing predictions for over three decades now.
We're at the Ockham's Razor stage in the maturity of climate science.There's no longer a need to explore any new,potential drivers for global warming.We know how it works already,and we know we're in it.And we know where it's going to go,based upon any scenario we want to throw at the models.
The only real mystery is,whether we'll choose to do anything about it,in a meaningful and timely way.
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