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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Got any credible sources saying man is going to warm the planet 3c?
The 3C value is a contextual value,and limited specifically to a doubling of the pre-Industrial Revolution atmospheric carbon dioxide level of 280ppmv.
It has to do with what climate scientists refer to as 'climate sensitivity.'
The concept originated with Svante Ahhrenius in 1896.
Climate scientists,over time,and as new data became available,have continuously refined this value,and 3C,today,remains a widely held metric for the atmosphere's response to 560ppmv of CO2.
With a business-as-usual scenario,560ppmv will be reached,and we'll see conditions on Earth as they were,the last time there was that much CO2 in the atmosphere.
We have the paleoclimate data.We know how warm or cold it was in the past.And we know what the greenhouse gas loading in the atmosphere was for each temperature condition recorded,thanks mainly to the Vostok Ice Core Project in Antarctica,with parallel data from both Greenland,and sea-bed sediment cores.
It's hard science.Nothing theoretical about it.
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