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Originally Posted by hat_man View Post
The way I'm seeing this is that Google maps rounds to the nearest tenth of a mile and GPS is to t he nearest hundredth?

So Google adds 528 feet to every mile but GPS only adds 50 feet. So for every 10 miles Google shows it's actually 11 miles? Sounds a little extreme to me. Unless I'm not understanding what you are getting at.

I can't imagine Google being 100 miles off for the 1000 mile trip I make to see my family in Myrtle Beach.
I think you are confused about the concept of rounding.

If I measure a trip that is actually 10.06764 miles to the nearest 0.1 mile, then I display this as 10.1 miles. And if I measure a trip of 1000.06764 miles to the nearest 0.1 miles, then it is displayed as 1000.1 miles.

But there is a certain amount of PRECISION in each measurement, so if the first trip was MEASURED as 10.06764 miles 1%, means that the ACTUAL distance could be as high as 10.783164 and as low as 10.569636 miles - and each would be displayed to the nearest 0.1 miles as 10.8 and 10.6 miles - where the second trip was measured 1000.6764 1% could ACTUALLY be between1010.683164 and 990.669636 miles and displayed to the nearest 0.1 miles as 1010.7 and 990.7 miles.

So a lot depends on the precision, not how it is displayed. I assume both Goggle Maps and GPS units have a fairly high amount of precision, but their display would read differently, but only barely different.

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