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Originally Posted by litesong View Post
No mistake. I went to Hyundai, who likes to deal & got my Elantra for under $13,000 with 100,000 mile warranty. The two problems with our two Elantras are, they both are within 30,000 miles of never being able to use their warranties.....yeah, both Elantras. Oh, those are good things! Plus our Elantras has more room than the Prius & look much better.
The Prius has more interior room than your Elantra, by more than 10 cubic feet. It's completely attributable to the hatchback design, where the cargo volume is nearly twice that of the Elantra (and, IMO, much more usable than a trunk, even with pass-through, especially for large awkwardly-shaped things like bicycles). But seriously, if you want a Prius, now's the time to buy one since dealers can't give them away. And if you want to make things easier on yourself, do it entirely over the internet; I firmly believe that the only time you should need to visit the dealer is to sign the papers and pick up the car.

Back to the original point: an n=1 illustration that you can't get a deal on hybrids but can on conventional cars...simply isn't true or generally applicable. Plenty of us have gotten deals on hybrids.

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