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Yamaha Sold, New hypermilers dream bike

So after a long time of thinking about it, I finally decided to let my old faithful go to a new home.

Managed to find an almost brand new (its a 2009 model with 1100km on the clock, the guy bought it new for his daughter when she graduated high school, not long after she met a guy and lost interest in the bike so it just stood for the past 10 years ), its an Indian built Bajaj Pulsar 180cc with a claimed fuel consumption of 45km per litre of fuel. Comes from the same factory as the new small engine KTM bikes.

Link to specs:

Done some online research and apparently in India people get 40-60km/l consumption depending on speeds travelled as their roads are bad over there so 120km/h+ riding is not always possible. These bikes are built for durability of their harsh climate and roads and are very reliable from the reviews ive read online, some older models have 90 000+km on them and still drive perfectly.

Took delivery of the bike last night, it has a half tank of fuel which il ride out before filling up and testing the fuel economy for myself, I will be taking it easy until about 2500-3000km to make sure the engine is run in properly, it was serviced recently and the mechanic gave it a once over to make sure everything is still in decent shape after standing for 10 years but il give it an oil change at 3000km in any case.

But yea will definitely keep a log on here of how things go.

PS, the bike will be eco-modded to try up the fuel econ even more.

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