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a lie

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
So we've got liars on one extreme end, and liars on the other. More likely though is ignorance, since having a full understanding of the implications of global warming is impossible.

I'm not sure the Duncan Hunter comment is a lie though. There are scientists that have suggested we're still benefiting from warming, and may continue to benefit until 2080.

Humanity has indisputably benefitted from the warming from the last ice age that began 20,000 years ago. If we have benefited from the warming that began 20,000 years ago, when did we stop benefiting from the continued warming? In other words, at what temperature were we on the whole worse off than better off?

If we haven't reached that temperature yet, what temperature is it, and when are we likely to reach it?

Nobody has ventured an answer to my repeated question.
Hunter would be a generalist.He's not even qualified to address the topic from a base of knowledge.And like anyone else,he's had as equal access to the science as anyone else.Does he argue with his brain surgeon?
I'd say we began to not benefit as soon as warming exceeded natural variability,in late 20th-century.
No one argues that individuals may experience local and regional benefits,at the cost of other locals.
We're on our way to 560ppmv carbon dioxide,and that will be 3-C.Oceans will be 80-feet higher.In some places,merely going outside will be a death sentence.
Watch the mountain glaciers in the tropics,and watch the polar ice.These will be the harbingers.
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