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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
... and at a foot of rise per century, that would take much longer than civilized humans have existed to happen (27,000 years). We're on target for about a foot of sea-level rise over 100 years, or about 1/8th inch per year.

Not good, but people are capable of adapting to 1/8th inch per year.

As a tangent thought, has anyone ever contemplated that it's the year 2019, which is a very small number? Considering geologic and cosmic time, 4000 or so years of civilization is an instant. We very well might be living much closer to the beginning of history than the end of it.
14,000-years ago,sea-level increased 3-feet per 20-years,for 400-years,or,15-feet per century. The US ARMY Corps of Engineers can't do anything about something lake that.
We're staring down the double-barrel of a 100-year ocean heating delay cycle,plus a near-term sulfate aerosol-induced parasol-effect,amplification doubling of warming.There's no way to engineer for it.There's not enough money on Earth to pay for it if they could.
The IPCC is being very kind not to melt down Wall Street,by not talking about the other warming scenarios which escape media.
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