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"100% of people who do not save money do not have any!"--Dave Ramsey

I enjoyed watching several Dave Ramsey rants today. Some people said it was "unchristian" to use the word stupid.


People objected to him yelling.


Reaction videos are quite popular nowadays. I tune into the Dave Ramsey Rants, not the Dave Ramsey Calmly and Rationally Discusses Destructive Spending Habits.

Of course, I cannot mention Dave without pointing out errors. He said that no member of the government ever gave you money.

What about the Obama stimulus checks? Someone sent me money...

He said nurse practitioners make at most $80 - $90,000.

Sure--to start:

I think he almost always gives great advice. Does it matter that in my forty years on Planet Dirt I received one $500 check?

Not really.

Does it matter that he only gave the starting pay?

The caller's spouse wanted to quit her job making $60,000 a year to become a nurse practitioner. She did not have a nursing background, so she would lose money for six years before being eligible for jobs that paid $30,000 a year more. How much does an NP program cost? "Online programs run somewhere in between costing $400-$800 per credit ultimately averaging about $22,500 for a nurse practitioner degree."

Keep in mind, you need a BSN first. "The average cost to complete a four-year BSN program in the U.S. ranges from $40,000 to more than $200,000. The disparity there reflects the huge variety of available options."

How is the average a huge range? That is like saying the average family on Earth has 1 - 5 children.

"The average cost of online RN to BSN programs ranges from as little as $25,000 to as high as $80,000."

"The average human has 5 to 16 fingers." Also, they do not say how much it costs to get an RN. Is the average between $15,000 to $120,000? Then the two figures align.

It looks like the least it would cost for six years of nursing school would be over $60,000. Since she could not work full-time and study full-time, she would lose over $420,000. If she makes $90,000 the seventh year she is still out $330,000, so it would take eleven years to break even. If this is a regular part of your balanced twenty-year plan, and she makes $125,000 in year twenty, she would make an extra $1,085,000.

However, they already have substantial debt, so of course he told them to pay off their current debt before going back to school.

I wonder how many of his callers have terrible luck and how many have terrible decision-making abilities.

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