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If you won lottery :

1- Don't tell anyone, or they will ask you money or demand you to spent (with them), or even charge you to do things or call you a Scrooge or idiot if you don't spent it a lot.

2- Keep in mind that money don't last forever if not invested.

3- Remamber that you need a master plan about investment, and how much you can spent in a way to keep it in standart for life and future. Try to think like you was a boss and the month needs was like a employer salary.

4- Don't start to buy very expensive things, cause it will make people suspect of you.

5- If possible, move away from where you live, maybe even change from city, if you have no family or strong connections.

6- If people find out you got rich, be prepared to do not trust people anylonger, cause you will no longer know who likes you, since a lot of people will only have eyes for your money.

7- Clean your room and add a writing desk to it. I took this one a bit from uncle Jordan. ;-)
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