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On Brazil taxes it's about 50% if you sum all the government took in every production line until reach consumer plus direct government tax of citizens.

We have a thing called FGTS, and it values less than the inflation and people only can get it in special circunstances of after years of work or lost job. It's a tax to workers and no one can scape.
Many people want to end that, and others demand to be at least corrected as inflation.

The problem is that if government could remove all taxes, lets just imagine to understand, and cut services, the people would earn double but most of them could not manage save anything. They would spent with better cars, clothes, eletronics devices, and would still not save for heath care, to have a own home, to pay a school for kids or for when they get very old.
They would scr...up and point the finger to the system and call themselves victms.

Is povert between blacks just racism? No genetic involved about desire to spent and don't save?
A research, if I heard right, said that most black kids prefers to get 1 lollypop today nthan get 2 lollypops if wait tomorrow, while white kids mostly prefers get 2 tomorrow.
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