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Originally Posted by slowmover View Post

Claiming “skill”, etc, is side-splitting funny versus the statistics. The skill range difference among humans is tiny. No matter how well-magnified. A moments inattention makes a mockery of ego statements.

A pickup can’t do what’s important: Steer, brake & handle. It rolls where a car will spin.

You guys need some remedial physics.

I didn't claim skill, I claimed it is the driver. I agree it has nothing to do with skill as actually the higher skill may lead to even a worse driver. What makes a good driver is paying attention, attention to detail, knowing the limits and staying far away from them, checking ego and anger while driving.

The physics part I do understand, a rollover is a greater possibility, but so is a greater survival in every other kind of collision. There is no physics that helps a low mass come out well in a collision with a greater mass.

A pickup isn't supposed to be the best at anything, what it is is good at a lot of things.
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