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Originally Posted by MeteorGray View Post
A while back I was running about 65mph on a 75mph Interstate with very light traffic, and thus holding up no one, when I noticed in my mirrors an older pickup truck and travel trailer closing at a good clip. Of course, I was in the right lane, and so was he.

Well, I expected him to leisurely pass me by since the left lane was empty on the uncrowded road. Instead, he pulled up within a few feet of my bumper and BLEW THE HORN.


Knowing the prevalence of and consequences of Road Rage nowadays, I didn't do anything to provoke him except not driving fast enough for him and his pull. I'm sure he had something important to do that was being impeded by me.

After a few seconds of dissatisfaction, it must have finally dawned on him that a tiny turn of his steering wheel to the left would allow him to pass me without further adieu, and eureka! he did so.

Because of my usual habit of watching the road ahead, I didn't look at him as he readily passed me by, probably waving with a single finger.

I'm sure he got on Facebook to complain about my lack of courtesy or something.

Everyone is stupid nowadays. They expect the Interstate travel lane traffic to make room for them as they enter (or with an 18-wheeler to NOT have 500’ clearance) and they’ll also cut in front of an 18-wheeler to brake and exit. (“Oh, I was far enough ahead”. Ha!). There are no exceptions to rule-breaking

Or they’re too fast for conditions. Every road and every hour.

The prevalence of bad (illegal) behavior is still a shock. And unnecessary as no advantage accrues. Flipped from rarely to mainly with first an uptick circa 1980, and then the growth metastasized from 1995 till now. The rarity of doing it right earns a wave from me.

A very, very long time ago I decided — accident or not — that I was going home. That means the truck WILL stay upright and in the lane of travel. What it takes to accomplish that will be done. And I’ve never heard different from any driver worth his salt. (A) I’m not going into an adjacent lane or shoulder, and (B) it WILL be a controlled stop.

MG, dollars to donuts that moron didn’t have trailering mirrors. Or they were so poor as to be almost worthless. Combine that with (likeliest, given behavior; seen it a thousand times) congenital inability to use the mirrors: we keep importing those with low visuo-spatial ability. (Consequently, in their countries, tailgating, with high beams and horn is acceptable communication. The inability to make time/distance calculations, and to follow the logic of traffic rules is sharply-limited — is lost — compared to Americans).

Feel free to flip him off AND call DPS. Tailgating, weaving, threatening. No mirrors. (Take a picture. Dispatch will forward it). I recommend you NOT shirk action. Quit believing TV garbage @ RR. For some, THIS action set is SOP. You want backstop, get cameras.

As to Eco-Driving, there’s nothing so funny as a Prius driver in the hills maintaining his perfect 57-mph, oblivious to the commercial traffic. He passes on the ascent — because he ain’t very smart; he’s stupid — and on the descent he’s a bullseye as the big trucks TRY to keep from runaway. He’s about to be another roadkill bug on the grille.

His car is already cheap to operate. So what’s with the sanctimonious behavior? The utter failure to adapt to conditions? (Stay the hell away. How hard is it? First rule set in driving is always operative: Lead, follow or get out of the way).

Who would ever miss someone this stupid?


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