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Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
I didn't claim skill, I claimed it is the driver. I agree it has nothing to do with skill as actually the higher skill may lead to even a worse driver. What makes a good driver is paying attention, attention to detail, knowing the limits and staying far away from them, checking ego and anger while driving.

The physics part I do understand, a rollover is a greater possibility, but so is a greater survival in every other kind of collision. There is no physics that helps a low mass come out well in a collision with a greater mass.

A pickup isn't supposed to be the best at anything, what it is is good at a lot of things.
It’s only good at one thing. Filling the bed. It’s handicapped in all others.

As to mass, it’s a good point. It’s easy for a low mass car to roll a higher mass pickup in a T-bone accident. Same where the car is hit first by traffic in an adjacent lane and in its turn hits a pickup in the bed, causing it to turn over. I see this annually. Often enough it’s notable. Everyone is upright except the pickup.

Wet weather makes it all more fun. In a pickup. Where it was the wrong vehicle spec.

Back to topic and to repeat. This little Chevy will work for a VERY high average annual miles business owner. Higher than what it’s gasser counterpart would see.

Not an RV’er, etc.

The private owner is only fooling himself. (My favorite was the one about the long unpaved driveway: the years of residence and FAR higher costs of a 4WD pickup versus a car paid for first class paving a long ways back).

The private owner and the RV’er we’ve covered: the design & quality of the trailer is paramount (as is any necessary hitch rigging). NOT the tow vehicle. A few changes in family vehicle spec covers it. Doesn’t include pickups.


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