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Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
I definitely think that could work. The rails could be embedded into the concrete and even with the surface so the lane could be used for normal traffic as well. The trucks would be locked into that one lane along with specific off ramps and transfer stations where they could shift the cargo into local regular tired trucks and trailers.
The rails could also be used for high mpg passenger cars as well using the lower RR and lower speeds of the "truck lane".

That would make autonomous cars and trucks much easier to implement as well
This is actually an excellent idea. The only issue I see is that regular car traffic could wear the road surface unevenly with the rails (whichever way that would go, I'm uncertain.) Maybe it would be worthwhile to even make these trucks with drop-down wheel sets, metal wheels for the rails whenever possible, and rubber tires for the final leg of delivery in-town, at low speeds which damage the roadway less.

Aside from the roads lasting longer (and thus saving tax dollars), this would actually bring about huge savings for the shipping companies as well, as the rubber tires would last exponentially longer.
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