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Originally Posted by elhigh View Post

It sounds like you're almost sanctioning running someone over just because they're going slower than yourself, and your vehicle is difficult to drive.

Please tell me I'm mistaken. I want to be mistaken.

You think stupidity doesnít have a price? What used to characterize the roads was cooperation. Guess you didnít understand what I earlier said in that post. That, and your conclusion reveal a problem in comprehension.

Would you advocate a child stray near a cliffs edge? Sounds like it.

I long ago quit feeling sorry for those in wrecks. Whatís done canít be changed. Itís nothing but cheap sentiment. How often have you been first on the scene? Been the last to leave? What are the statistics and how do they work hasnít been part of your studies on what are a manís responsibilities.

If youíd had a father youíd understand: thereís no such thing as an accident. . There IS failure to pay attention and take corrective action. Sounds like you didnít have that guidance. Or that he distinctly disliked you and omitted it. Youíd understand that if anything goes so wrong that thereís a wreck, IT IS YOU who are at fault. Thatís fundamental.

Car accidents are like being gunshot. Itís never minor. Itís life-changing. Or ending. Get that through your head.

The Prius fool makes no attempt to understand whatís going on around him. Heís ďfreeĒ from any responsibility to others. Thatís stupidity. Itís a regular feature now. Has become the norm. What may come to him is predictable, son. It not today, then tomorrow.

I guarantee heíd never be allowed to drive a family member of mine. Or have a firearm on his person in my presence. He's proven he canít be trusted. When things really matter, he creates problems on top of high risk already in play.

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