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Originally Posted by IsaacCarlson View Post
It really depends on clutch material, line pressure and how much surface area there is for the fluid to push on.

Clutch material can vary quite a bit. You can buy "soft" clutches for manual transmissions or you can buy a ceramic clutch that you cannot slip and it grabs instantly(like in the big trucks).

More line pressure equals more clamping force. The same goes for fluid surface area. The more area there is for the fluid to clamp the clutch together, the more it will hold.

You can buy torque converters for pickups that have multi-disc clutches that can hold a ton of power.

A smaller tcc or smaller car will have less holding power, but they make less power to begin with.

If you want to find out for sure, use a tcc switch and give it the beans in each gear, watching for slippage.
That makes sense, thank you! I never feel any slipping when the TCC is locked, even flooring it at peak torque. However, my concern is that I may not necessarily feel if it is slipping. The PCM on many cars (including mine) slips the TCC quite a bit by default and it is never felt. If it is in fact slipping under load am I likely to feel it, or will it slip itself to death with no warning that it is self destructing? Thanks in advance!
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