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Does feeding the troll ever go well?

Do charter schools still have districts? I just want to say "Company."

The organization has an app that allows you to log in and out through your phone as long as you are actually at the school. Hopefully I finally figured it out.

I had wondered how I could possibly need three days to get ready to see twenty-five students, but I spent all of it, and still did not finish.

Some of my coworkers found the guy saying terrible things about our boss and agencies. I asked for a source twice and told him that since he refused to provide a source I was unsubscribing.

Well, they tried to argue with him, he argued back, everybody looked stupid, and then an administrator locked the thread.

Someone posted that they were moving to Arizona, had a child with special needs, and asked where were the best areas for job opportunities and services for her kid. A coworker said that our agency is a great place to work and they can provide the services for her offspring.

Then the troll started trolling. They argued back and forth and my coworker started asking for the troll's personal information.

I kind of understand, who was this person, they did not seem to be using their real name, and what experience did they actually have? However, instead of saying "None of your business," the troll played the victim, and started asking my coworker to leave it alone. My coworker responded to everything the troll wrote (except "Leave me alone!") and the thread was locked before anyone made themself look even worse.

That lady is still looking for help: "I am trying this again. Please do not get my thread locked for arguing. I just want to know the best places in Arizona for employment opportunities and services for my son. Please do not start any fights."

Hopefully people finally start acting like adults.

I was supposed to see two clients this afternoon, but they canceled, and are going back on probation. It was weird to only work seven hours. I kept thinking of the paperwork that I need to do for my first job, my on-line class that just started, and the new Civic parts I have not had a chance to install.

I laid down and slept for five hours. Unfortunately, unless I stay up until bedtime Thursday night, I am not sure that I will ever establish a proper sleep pattern.

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