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Keep your toilet seat bolts tight?

I had never heard of toilet seats breaking, but it has now happened to us twice in ten months. The first time I used dollar-store white duct tape to prevent my sitting-down-side from getting pinched before I could replace it. I thought it was funny and made a "There, I fixed it!" post on Imgur.

They hurt my feelings and stuff.

I wish that I could remember what I thought caused the first failure. I tried to find my Imgur post, but I realized I deleted it when everyone called me a "Fat-sitting-down-side."

According to the U.S. military, I need to lose thirty pounds, but that is for someone that can do 34 push-ups, 38 sit-ups, and run two miles in 18:18.

I may be able to do the push-ups. I should be able to do way more sit-ups, that seems to be the only thing that I do well in life. I tried running almost two months ago, sprained my ankle, still walk with a limp, and it is still swollen.

Anyway, I doubt it is because I am 15% overweight (20% according to the BMI). This last time the bolts attaching the seat got loose and I kept thinking that I needed to tighten them. I am sure that allowed the seat to torque excessively.

  1. Get around to things faster.
  2. Maybe don't purchase the cheapest toilet seat.

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