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Xist's Walmart toilet seat buying guide.

As far as I know, it broke under my brother each time. Getting him to sit down differently sounds as likely as getting him to rub his hands together before washing off the soap, turning on the light when he enters the bathroom (he will turn it off it is already on), or to go without asking permission.

I bought a new one this time. It looks like I paid less than $6 last time. It says "Molded wood." Particle board? No wonder it broke! They have a $13 one that just says wood and a $20 one that says "enameled wood." Yay! It has stronger paint!

As long as the paint holds it together we are fine!

Curiously, I knocked on each, and the more expensive, the deeper the sound. I showed Mom and she said the most expensive one sounded the best, since the sound of knocking on the toilet is the most important critereron!

Only the best for my family--I learned!
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