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I wonder how Bill Gates's toilet project could work to help african countries with poor water supply or no basic sanitation. His "nearly water-free" toilet project it's quite hight end. How much it will cost for african people in misery?
Who wil fix it, in places that are quite tribal, if they can't even fix a electric toaster?

I'm noit trying to make fun of Bill Gastes. His foundation it's quite important and have some nice ideas. But for the toiled in deep poor countries, the best solutions would be be simplest ones and not high tech projects for home devices in locations light years away from any workable technical support.

I saw video about a project for a small brazilian city in a very dry region, where suage was a problem and water for grow vegetable and fruits was also a problem, and they found a solution for both. They took the suage (no industry suage there to carry heavy chemicals) ande pumped it to large tanks (simple as large holes couvered with a waterproof mebrane) and each tank had a task. In one was like the organic matter was decomposed by micro organisms, and the others was for storage. This made the water not good for drink but good enough for plant and also made the water carry several nutrients for the plants. And the plants by own nature filter the water from pataologic micro organisms.
The result was a better way to deal with suage, low cost, and also help bring water and natural fertilizer to grow vegetables and fruits.

I'm afraid I got somehow off topic.
Xist, I have the solution to your problem !!

Just try the japanese toilet :

But please remamber to :

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