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No fake news. There are a lot of farmer who don't give a damn to the laws and destroy land and fake documents to try to state the land belonged to them.

Our crazy president started with a politic that sounds like anti-ecologic and pro evil exploitation of Amazon, and probably the farmers felt free now to start destroy things.
Now there is no money to fight the fire, and our crazy president also got bad external politic relations and lost help from German and Finland, money that both countries would had sent to help Amazon forest.
Freak man...

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A batch composting system built on the common 55-gallon drum requires no water or electricity.

All Darc —Tim Pool is saying The Amazon Forest Fires Are FAKE NEWS, This Is NORMAL, Its Still Bad But Happens Every Year

Farmers are burning croplands. That ended in the Willamette Valley when smoke drifted across the freeway and [70?] people died.

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