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She couldn't be more wrong. Probably whe just wanted to state a very silly escuse to try justify her ugly stinking addiction.
The lungs acts as a kind of filter (being damaged), and so, the smoke that cames out from smoker's mouth is "less worse" (but still bad) than the smoke they inhaled. This plus the dirt air they inhale in the room they are polluting.

Putin want's a national smoking ban by age. Will this became something like the dry law on USA in the 30's?
In Russia there are much more (percentage) of people addicted to nicotin than people addicted to alcohol in the USA in the 30's.

Originally Posted by Xist View Post
A co-worker once claimed that since second-hand smoke is so much worse for you, she just smoked. I said that unless you only breathe through the filter you get even more smoke.

"Oh wow!"
[Changed nothing]

The topic is "How do you keep women happy?" So far the best answer is "alimony."

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