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ChrisFix bought a Hummer, installed a 4" snokel, and crushes two Civics.

He hit five million subscribers and bought his dream Hummer. He said he worked sixteen-hour days for four years without a day off and since YouTube does not give you anything for 5,000,000 subscribers, he bought himself a daily driver.

He and his fans had searched hard for the right Hummer. There were only 12,000 H1s made and a surprising number for sale, often in bad shape.

RedPoint asked what the common failure points of HMMWV were. I started looking into it, but never got back to him.

Oops. ChrisFix never specified. The engine and transmission?

6.5L turbodiesel
4-speed automatic transmission
170 HP
0-60 in 60 seconds
10 MPG

$70,000 in upgrades:
6.6L Duromax turbodiesel
Allison 6-speed transmission
450 HP
0-60 in 7 seconds
15 MPG
Upgraded brakes

Among other upgrades, there is a custom winch. The stock HMMWV has a 72 approach angle, but with the stock winch it only has a 47 approach. The HMMWV (and H1) have the engine and transmission up in the cabin. He has a midget bench in the middle of the backseat. He also explained that the HMMWV is designed to drive behind tanks, in the path they cleared.

That seems like the midget bench would be ideal for a gunner's seat.

He bought a 28-foot trailer for future projects.

This seems like yet another channel which progressed from normal cars to ones that most of us will never drive. He showed routine maintenance on a truck of which only 12,000 were ever sold.

Then again, SamCrack shows how to maintain exotic cars.

What is the ROI on spending $70,000 to increase fuel economy 5 MPG?

Anyway, I have eleven hours of work and driving tomorrow. Have a great day!

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