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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post

(Not their actual Bolt... this one belongs to a different acquaintance.)

Some friends (who shall remain nameless) got a Chevrolet Bolt EV a year or so ago. This summer, he took it on a ~3000 km round trip from Ontario to the east coast with their dog (his wife, smart girl, flew and met them there).

He mapped his route via fast-charging stations... but he missed one highway exit at the end of a long day while pushing it close to 'E'.

By the time he got turned around he had burned through his reserves. The car went in to "low power" mode wihin a few km of his destination/charging station, and then literally within sight of the charging station it stopped and would move no further.

Like a good ecomodder, he figured... "no problem! I'll just push it!" So he put it in "N"... but as soon as he opened his door, it automatically shifted back into Park! SAFETY FIRST.

He tried this several times, thinking he'd done something wrong ... with the same result. Last resort: he called the local GM dealer to explain the situation and they just sent someone over... who sat in the car while he pushed it over to the charger.

In retrospect he said, "I should have just opened my window and climbed out!"
forgot to put it in Car Wash mode
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