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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I'm in agreement that rates of anything are unsustainable, including growth rates, whether that's GDP, population, etc. It is political suicide to suggest not even a decline in consumption (GDP), but even holding steady. After all, who would be excited to work at a place and never receive a pay raise?

We get out of bed in the morning because of the prospect of improving our position in the world, or at least making our situation less bad. Most of us don't get out of bed to merely maintain our position, or to consciously not exceed current consumer ability.

Governments rely on the will of the people, so there's no such thing as a political faction that can rise to power and exert their will against the will of the people for any long period of time. There's also zero chance they can do that without being corrupt themselves.

Any solutions then must fit within the basic instincts of humanity, as all others are doomed to failure. If we were somehow able to accept zero economic growth and a roughly equal distribution of resources, we'd largely eliminate technological innovation, which itself can provide solutions to problems.
They may have to fabricate a catalyzing event,like 'Wag the Dog', which brings everyone together,putting petty difference aside,for the duration of whatever transition exercise they choose.We see it done in wartime.
The 1951 motion picture,'The Day the Earth Stood Still' would be a perfect metaphor for a catalyst.Everyone focuses on a common goal until it's over,then we can get back to petty squabbling when its behind us.
I don't see why the people who already thrive on business couldn't thrive in new endeavors.Since the fossil-fuels folks brought us all to this party,we might want to enlist them in whatever new enterprise we selected.They obviously know how to get things done.They can build new empires around renewables while they keep providing precious synthetics and durable,hydrocarbon-based intermediates,finished stocks,as well as manufacturing if they like.I'm kinda optimistic somehow.
Fill the Pacific with durable plastics and I'll drive their EVs to Hawaii,charged with their solar panels,wind turbines,thorium reactors,whatever.
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