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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Running empty/nearly empty routes to encourage ridership that doesn't pay for the cost of running the bus, that still doesn't equate to environmental benefits sounds like the definition of idiocy.

I'll start a different thread. City buses don't make sense from any angle at all. If progressive means wasting all resources, then I guess that's progress.
Well I tend to agree with you, but it would be possible to be losing money (or being un-green, or whatever your measuring stick) some of the time, but more than making up for it the other times. But take away those loser times and you effect the good times so bad that overall you are now losing rather than winning. Sort of like say retail or UPS. Could you just shut down completely during the slow summer months and just make it big in the holiday season? Or would people get in the habit of finding an alternative and not even look your way come peak season?
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