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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
The way they are buying, selling, trading, over buying, paying for but not using electricity and are over charging customers hundreds of dollars per year for no reason reeks of fraud.
I guarantee someone is collecting evidence against the mayor and his unelected bureaucrat cronies for securities fraud.
The problem with a successful securities fraud case is the defendant is going to admit we are sorry and we messed up and take a plea deal, or hang the jury. So the case has to be rock solid and air tight. You pretty much have to get the conspirators saying something to the effect of bragging about and joking about how they are screwing people over and then laughing about it.
Then saying you are sorry or claiming ignorance don't work.
Coal-fired electricity is under-priced by 400%.
Natural gas-fired electricity in under-priced by 200%.
There's the fraud.
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