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calculating anthropogenic greenhouse gases

I looked through my 2019,WORLD ALMANAC and it listed the following sources which might be used for calculations:
*American Petroleum Institute
*Annual Coal Report
*Bureau of Economic Analysis,U.S.Department of Commerce
*Energy Information Administration
*Federal Highway Administration
*Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
*International Atomic Energy Agency
*International Energy Agency
*International Energy Statistics Database
*Monthly Energy Review
*National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory,Office of Transportation and Air Quality,U.S.Environmental Protection Agency
*Petroleum Supply Annual,EIA
*U.S.Department of Energy
*U.S.Department of Transportation
*U.S.Nuclear Statistics Database
*From 'Too Smart For Our Own Good,'Craig Dilworth: 6.111-tons, coal-fired combustion = 1-km-squared of forest fire
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