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climate skeptic,contrarian,denial-neurophysiology

*loss function specifies the value for all contingencies
*humans estimate risk and reward quite poorly under some circumstances
*extra-receptive field-accumulated experience-filtering/bias can block environmental information from the response determination-decision-making task mechanism
*the self-realization to the impossibility of total knowledge forces deference to entrusted pack members up the hierarchy whom are perceived,deservedly or not,to possess critical survival knowledge,which in turn is incorporated into the filter
*the firing rate of the lateral intraparietal cortex can paint an electro-chemical picture mirroring an ancestral DNA 'memory' of an ancient signal,generated across the lateral intraparietal area interfacing with neural commands for ritualistic/hierarchial behavior of the reptilian-R-complex; triggering production of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) and inability to reason,evoking a threat response from the right-hemisphere,compromising brain plasticity.
*the individual misses the smoke-signals,war-drums,dog's bark,horse's ear-twitch,deer's attention re-focus,ducks flying the pond,completely out of self-control
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