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Canadian court

*which proves the court was incompetent to try the case.
*which also proves that Tim Ball isn't a scientist.
*The so-called 'Medieval Warm Period' never happened.It was not a global event.It was a regional event,while most of the planet either remained cold,or even cooled.
*The notion of the MWP was scientifically discredited in 2003,by California State University,paleoclimatologist,Scott Stine,using tree-ring,dendrochronology/statigraphy
*The reason we're having the conversation is because of the bogus arguments of American Petroleum Institute's-financed,junk-science by Sallie Baliunas,Willie Soon,J.Patrick Michaels and his oil-sponsored 'Climate Research'(sic) scientific journal (oxymoron),to undermine the implications of the IPCC's 3rd-Assessment Report,which demonstrated that Earth had warmed more than had been
seen in the last 1,000-years
*If the Canadian court had been held to a 'Trial by Certificate',Tim Ball would be behind bars,if not under a guillotine.
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