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Trailer is not finished yet but did get all the cross braces welded, did some test fitting for tie down attachments on frame, adjusted/welded fenders on, last night sanded and wire wheeled/ repaired some older bad factory welds. The tires are used d rated truck tires 225/75r15 rated for more than 70mph. I thought about getting brand new st trailer tires but I was trying to keep cost down and figured these are about 5 years old with no cracking and rated above 2.5k each at max psi but the side by side weighs 1725lb stock maybe 100lb more with spare tire, jack, 2 gallon fuel, and few tools. The trailer has tandem 5 lug axels. figured im under 3700lb trailer/cargo combined.

truck/trailer speed limit here is 65mph but most trucks go almost 70. If I try anything under 65 I'll have more people on my tail than flies on fresh cow poo. We have a lot of single lane highways where im at in North Idaho and not many pull outs except for run a way trucks on hills and truck stops but I feel good at 67mph. Keeps my rpms lower and people off my tail most of the time lol.

The truck is a 1999 f250 auto, 7.3 diesel, supercab shortbed 4x4 with a leveling kit and 285/75r16 tires with a aftermarket trubo compressor wheel, larger transmission cooler, straight pipe 3.5in exhaust, and a bed cover (easily 1-1.5mpg boost on road trips with that thing and no trailer). I have whats called a php hydra chip that changes the ecm settings. I have a 25hp heavy tow tune that works amazing when im towing the 5th wheel or small equipment. Really helps keep the truck in the powerband but doesn't do anything for fuel economy so truck is in stock mode 80% of the time.

I guess it may be a while but when the trailer is finished enough to at least put the side by side on i'll snag a picture and post the height, length of truck, trailer, trailer with side by side and stuff.

really appreciate the good info. It may not be worth adding skirts or anything to the trailer but ive got plenty of scrap steel/wood so i'll try lol

1999 f250 4x4 7.3l automatic
19.5 mpg freeway- Newbie looking to improve!
-Tonneau cover, Intake, Straight pipe, improved turbo compressor wheel.
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