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must be

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
The consensus of US citizens that GW is not a big priority to them isn't an indication that they are right about having properly evaluated the situation. As George Carlin said, “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”

The hockey stick is fairly indisputable, though it is a condensed graph which narrows down to just a few degrees, making the spike look larger than if it were relative to absolute temperature. It should be easy to concede that relatively rapid changes in environment are more difficult to adapt to.

That said, there must be an appropriate course of action somewhere between the extremes of do nothing, and kill yourself.
The actual 'course' seems to be the pinch point.There's so much money at stake that anyone effected by the policy implications of decarbonization had already circled their wagons by the 1970s.
There are historical precedents in the US for command and control during crises,however few but the scientists are willing to mention that we have one.
We don't have any public education.That's the plan.All state pension plan portfolios include gas-guzzler production,gas-guzzling home construction,gas-guzzling commercial real estate development,investment in all energy and oil companies worldwide,oilfield services,mining,transportation,shipping,parts,serv ice,vendors,the list is endless.It's all the way from municipal,through county,and up to state level,and includes the teacher retirement pension plans as well.
You probably noticed the federal and state gasoline and diesel taxes.
There's no control over real estate development even when areas already suffer grid-lock and are non-attainment areas for clean air.
Building codes are a joke.Regulations come and go with the political winds.
Socialism underwrites 73% of basic scientific research underlying patents,yet consumers get screwed by private industry who're happy to suck that socialist teat.
Our democracy is a failure.It's basically bought and paid for.
Congress is full of people impersonating mannequins.
Meaning full policy recommendations are received as well as the square needle in the left nut.
Without endocranial prosthetics,policymakers will continue to honor the continued maintenance of ancient assumptions about the primacy of an oxidation-centric universe.They're functionally chimpanzee.
Seems like it will take an exponential morgue-count,in-my-backyard event,before things make it off dead-center.Lobbyist influence has lead to preconception infanticide.
The atmospheric rape kit is unequivocal in it's attribution to perpetrators.But every time someone goes to the gas station,it's just another reward and positive market signal to the perps.
We're a funny species.
Structurally,there's no need for a President,Congress,or Supreme Court to have any involvement in a climate solution.However,it would require an informed consumer (formerly citizens)and that is as likely as a suspension of gravity.
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