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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
There's no control over real estate development even when areas already suffer grid-lock and are non-attainment areas for clean air.
Yaron Brook made a comment that struck me... that you can't move to an area and then demand that it be different than it already is. He said that if LA has bad pollution, you can't move there and then demand that it not have bad pollution.

If people want to spend their lives in gridlock, then that's their prerogative. Most of the US land area is empty and has clean air.

Socialism underwrites 73% of basic scientific research underlying patents,yet consumers get screwed by private industry who're happy to suck that socialist teat.
Can you expand on this more? Are you saying that tax money pays for most of the research that ends up generating patents? I find this difficult to believe as there are many private businesses that patent many things.

Our democracy is a failure.It's basically bought and paid for.
Congress is full of people impersonating mannequins.
Agreed. Has democracy ever been different though? Seems any democratic process ends up being a popularity contest, no different than electing a prom king and queen. What's the alternative though?

Without endocranial prosthetics,policymakers will continue to honor the continued maintenance of ancient assumptions about the primacy of an oxidation-centric universe.
Fire is what propelled our species forward. It's no surprise that we've improved our ability to leverage that tool... and it does take exploiting fire to propel us to the next technology. Non-fire alternatives have only been around for ~70 years... we're still in the very early stages of these technologies compared with how long we've had fire.

Structurally,there's no need for a President,Congress,or Supreme Court to have any involvement in a climate solution.However,it would require an informed consumer (formerly citizens)and that is as likely as a suspension of gravity.
Sure, and laws exist only for the wicked. We've got to have them because our nature is not benevolent. I completely agree we should be better... it isn't in our nature. BTW- I'm a proponent of some level of genetic engineering, which I think will greatly reduce many problems... and create the next generation of problems which we'll need to address. That's what our species does; solve problems and introduce new ones.
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