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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Publicly funded science doesn't make the majority of discoveries. Therefore, they aren't responsible for the majority of patents. It doesn't matter anyhow, as the government isn't a business, it's a service.

"welfare, more perfect, progress science" is all subjective. BTW, the oath is not to accomplish those things, but to pursue those things. You can be pursuing something good and fail to do it well.

I made no mention of eugenics; only genetic engineering. Eugenics is involved with excluding certain persons from contributing to reproduction, while genetic engineering is concerned with excluding (or including) certain genes, agnostic of the individuals providing the base code.

Human genetic engineering is inevitable, so we might as well be thinking about it in terms of how to solve current issues. As technology increasingly advances the ability of the individual and groups of individuals to destroy, we're going to need a more thoughtful humanity. Trying to limit the destructiveness of individuals and groups is a fool's errand in the atomic age.
looks like 73% of patents have been based upon discoveries made by publicly-funded research.I'm just reporting.Structurally all research is funded by the public,as corporations only use 'other people's money'.
The language of the US Constitution is defined within a narrow framework within the legal community.Every word has a specific definition and they were chosen on account of those definitions.I'm using Black's Law Dictionary.
It's pretty clear to me that Trump is violating his oath.
Eugenics is by definition genetics,whether you prescribe to it or not.If we're a nation under God,well,God says we're not of this Earth,we're not to love anything about this Earth,so what would be the point of genetics,other than to forestall a trip to heaven as long as humanly possible?
Public education,which included critical thinking would allow identification of sociopaths, and deal with them before they had a chance to hurt anyone/everyone.That would be a plus.Then you don't have to go to the trouble of attempting engineered people.
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