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Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
Technically those "Truck" speed limits don't apply to you, even a F250 pulling a large trailer is still a "light duty" truck. That said, I'm just across the boarder in north western Montana and will drive 55 all day if I want. People pass, I use pull outs. If I go much faster I'm going to end up on somebody else's back bumper. Then what? Have to pass them?
55 saves a ton of gas pulling a giant sail of a camper we have, it saved a ton of diesel when we used a Cummins. I'm also seldom in a hurry to get anywhere towing, it's called a vacation, and I want every minute to be relaxed.
I think you are right. I spent 10yrs through the military in CA and their truck speed limits apply to anyone with a added tow axel so I got used to that. There are very few roads in my area with a less than 65mph speed limit so im not gonna be that guy and constantly have to pull over to only get 2ish mpg more max with my truck. I do slow down for hills, take it slow on corners when necessary etc. Ive been towing equipment and trailers up to 48ft for good amount of time so I feel my driving is pretty conservative esp when loaded.

Originally Posted by Shaneajanderson View Post
67 on those mountain twisties sounds bad enough, let alone adding 5k worth of trailer behind. If your tires are rated for the speed they'll handle it, but I'd still slow down if I were you.

Aside from the aero help, that diesel will thank you big time if you keep the RPMs down a bit.

Edit to add: the "truck" speed limits only apply to commercial vehicles, a 3/4 or even one ton pickup is not a truck, no matter how auto companies like to advertise and sound tough.
agree with the truck speed limit. Old habit from a bad state I spent a good amount of time in. I usually do go over 65 loaded anywhere just because of the added fuel consumption but 65 in the areas I drive seem to be the right blend of keeping people off my tail, keeping good distance from those ahead of me, sometimes I can even time traffic lights in congested areas but most of the time they fly around/ then in front of me so I just stay back and let them fight for the seconds saved lol.

Im gonna do some more work on the trailer tonight. May even be able to load the side by side on it to take some measurments. Probably next week the unit will be 100% though. Appreciate the info/thoughts. hoping to post a pic for your input soon.
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