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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
As long as people are more motivated by serving their party or ideology rather than serving people, they will fail to live up to the oaths they make. I've said it's an outrage who Trump appointed head of EPA, even if much of what the EPA does is junk.

That said, why should POTUS have the power to appoint heads of office in the first place? What makes a president qualified in these matters?
Their power is enshrined in the Constitution.Our founding fathers may have never anticipated the caliber of people who'd be able to attain the high office.
They were liberals.All educated,men of letters,not necessarily polymaths or renaissance men,but they read,they studied philosophy,literature,science,probably listened to their cabinet members,advisors,intelligence apparatus,etc..
Trump's perfectly authorized to nominate nothing but fossil-fuel lobbyists for all key positions,however we might wonder how they pass the scrutiny of confirmation hearings.Which says a lot about the caliber of US Senators and those who finance their re-election campaigns.
Obviously,a president no longer must possess any qualifications for the office.
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