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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
When did POTUS require possessing any qualifications? What percent of presidents do you think could pass an economics 101 test?

I don't like many of Trump's words, actions or behaviors, but I was delighted that people are willing to elect non-politicians to office... now if only they would choose people with integrity, wisdom, and understanding that are non-politicians.

I'm for a federal EPA (which probably disqualifies me from associating with Libertarians), but with all organizations with stated goals, I require any decisions made to show precisely what problem they are addressing, what the cost of implementing the idea will be, and the expected benefit. Government offices don't exist to give the illusion of protection, they exist to give the reality of protection.
Former mayors and governors would have had much experience with economics as a matter of daily operations.Purely legal types I've no idea about.I don't know what the curriculum is for pre-law.
Cabinet members would provide economics support,such as it is,but some economists believe most economists are clueless,so where does that leave us? Cohen was a great economic advisor to Trump,but Trump wouldn't listen to him, does not listen to advice,so they just bail from the White House.
Trump's uneducated and he's not interested in it.He goes by gut feel.Wealth is what he's into.Anti-Christian.
Non-politicians would be okay as long as the believed in government,rather then wrecking it when they get into office.
As to the EPA,they're charged with protecting an asset worth $33-trillion a year,and they catch grief whenever they attempt to do anything with any substance.
The scientists know what to do.Either we accommodate them,or kiss the planet goodbye.At that point,what was the argument about economics?
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