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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Cohen was a great economic advisor to Trump,but Trump wouldn't listen to him
Which is why the POTUS should have fundamental economics down, so they can have a conversation with experts. Each domain of knowledge has its own language, and contending with ideas requires having the basic vocabulary down.

You've clearly demonstrated this importance by having learned the language of climate change science and understanding the principles of it.


Trump's uneducated and he's not interested in it.He goes by gut feel.
He's got a degree in economics, and seems to be fairly smart by my estimation. His gut got him into office, so he's no dummy. That isn't to suggest his values or methods are correct, but it would be a mistake to characterize him as unintelligent, despite his limited public vocabulary. As Peterson says, give the devil his due.

The scientists know what to do.Either we accommodate them,or kiss the planet goodbye.At that point,what was the argument about economics?
Scientists might know their domains of expertise, but the world is larger than a few narrow disciplines. Course of action requires more understanding.

There's a chance that I'll be on my deathbed one day saying I should have done more to forstall global warming. Perhaps there's a much smaller chance I'll say that I should have done less... most likely I'll say nothing of it. Tragedy befalls all of us, and it rarely involves environmental conditions.
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