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On Brazil the polarization it's very clear.

I think the morality (or "morality") and the rise og evanglic churchs, and at the same time the momogenation of sexual behavior (actual hedonism plus media alienation and erotization in young age), it's responsible for a good deal of such polarization, together with the left wing domain in universities.

Internet also allowed a lot of "bubble effect" since people today easier association with who think similar and can block people they dislike.

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I've wondered if it only seems we're more polarized, or if we actually are.

What can account for the shift? Perhaps when we were all listening to the 3 available moderate news sources, we were more moderate? Now that there are many biased news sources to choose from, we tend to listen to the ones we're most comfortable with and slide away from moderate views.