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Howdy all,

Just an update. I totaled my 2017 Yaris L hitting a deer. It was around 5:30AM and the deer was on a full run from out of nowhere.

I have dash cam footage of hitting the deer. I didn't have time to react so it was a straight on hit close to center slightly passenger side at 55MPH.

The drivers airbag, drivers knee, and both side curtain airbags deployed. The drivers knee airbag turned the extra keys hanging from my key chain into shrapnel. I should have saved or at least gotten a picture of the key chain ring since it was twisted up and opened pretty bad.

Over all after switching to Mobile 1 0w20 EP over the winter ~10K miles I averaged 38.6 MPG. Since the spring oil change I averaged 39.2 MPG on the lie-o-meter before I totaled the car.

I'm currently in the market for a new sub compact. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a 2018 Toyota Yaris IA (badge engineered Mazda 2 sedan). I almost got a Scion / Toyota IA last fall but the reliability data wasn't really robust yet.

On my soon to be new car (2018 Yaris IA) I still want to swap over to G1 Honda Insight wheels. Unfortunately since the 14" wheels and my desire to stick with Nokian tires on the IA the the tires will be 5.14% smaller than the stock tire / wheel package. I'm not sure if the gearing reduction and the dropped ground clearance of 15.625mm will even out as far a fuel economy.

185/65R14 Insight vs 185/60R16 Stock (an odd size with very limited selection). 195/60R16 is the most common size most IA owners use that is close to stock diameter.

The good news is that I'm pretty sure the IA has indirect ABS TPMS vs direct so that's one less cost / issue to deal with.

On the other hand the automatic has a taller 6th gear and a taller final drive than the manual so it's still probably going to be just fine.
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