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Originally Posted by uRabbit View Post
Hey folks! After being car-free for three years, we picked up an '09 Honda Fit Sport AT. I used to have an '07 Fit Sport MT back in 2010, and got 42 MPG in that puppy without trying. Before I even knew about hypermiling.

Now, however, we've got a new-to-us Fit with 121,000 miles. It's the automatic with the select shift. I always use the select shift and I'm the main driver. Most P&G is done engine-on, mostly because I'm worried about using the ignition that much (since you can't bump-start), and because bump-starting is much safer in terms of reaction timing in case you need to act quickly.

That said, I still think I should be getting much better mileage than currently. I've only averaging 30, and the most recent fill-up was 350 miles of all 50-60 MPH roads, barely any traffic, barely any hill-climbing, etc. The fuel efficiency gauge on the dash projected 41 MPG, and from what I know of my previous Fit, it was very accurate. Unfortunately, I got almost 6 MPG less than that, and that seems to be the trend in this vehicle.

Therefore, I'm looking at mechanical reasons for this discrepancy. I've changed out the coolant, AT fluid and air filter, and replaced spark plugs. The transmission shifts like *butter* now. In a couple weeks, I'm changing the oil and filter, but they're not in bad shape now anyways. Tires on all tanks except this last one were at 29.5 PSI all-around. The sidewall says 51 PSI max, so I filled up to 45. I was really hoping that'd get me into the 40's. Bummer.

I do think that the valve clearance needs adjusting, but the car isn't idling strangely or anything, so it's not a top priority. I do need to do it soon, though.

I know that the 2nd gen Fit isn't as efficient as the 1st gen, but still.

Any thoughts?

if your only avg 30 your only doing slightly better then my 6.0 liter v8 hybird which is getting 25 on the highway...

Looks like your getting the correct MPG
Model: 2009 Honda Fit 1.5l
MPG: 27 city / 33 highway

Model: 2007 Honda Fit manual 1.5l
MPG: 33 city / 38 highway

they increase the size and different engine hence less MPG

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