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That is interesting information about how extra keys from a keychain can be bad in a wreck. My Mazda3 came with keyless ignition, so all the keys are in my pocket. Serendipity.

When I changed tires on my Mazda3, I put on 20565R16s in place of the OEM-supplied 20560R16s. The difference is about a 3% taller tire. I just put them on, but the brand new tires did not show any MPG decreases, so they may give me a little boost as they wear-in.

My car alarms for flats by utilizing the ABS system. It has worked quite well, and one added benefit is the fact that it let me know when one of my old tires began to experience belt separation. Even though the tire pressure remained the same, the tire grew in circumference due to the belts giving way, so the system let me know because the tires were no longer all rotating at the same speed. This was a real asset to me. Plus, when I changed my tires out, I didn't have to worry about switching or buying new pressure sensors. Again, serendipity.

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