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Being worried over the sensitivity of another is sign of impending madness. That’s a road without end.

We ask for civility, and politeness is an option. Neither is a requirement. Some disputes won’t be settled with words.

By the way: “science” is bought and paid for. The replication crisis casts doubt on the whole endeavor.

If it will line someone’s pocket, you can read all about it. If it won’t, you won’t.

To insist otherwise (a noble unselfish endeavor) flies in the face of the evidence. That way lays religious dogma. Truth today isn’t truth tomorrow. So it’s not ever truth. Only currently-supported hypotheticals.

And when government gets behind it, it won’t be either true or a threat. Not when dirt-cheap amelioration is ignored in favor of highly expensive (profitable) “solution”.

When our own government is ever responsive to the 98% of us, that door on believability might crack open a little. But one needn’t worry that will happen.

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