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Doing it for a living lends focus. I’d imagine you'd have written the same with a shared background. Industry literature, training, and shared observations are the other part (talking shop). One can “test” almost any proposition on a daily basis. Driving is always of interest.

Aero is fun because it’s flat cool. Measuring it is the problem when mechanical condition or operator error cloud the picture.

I’ve noted before that I’d bet money on the sensitivity at the wheel of both BamZipPow or Aerohead (not to exclude anyone) as the depth of aero modifications highlights ANY other problem.

The rest of us are fatigued by wind noise and ennui. Takes a trip of substantial miles to get use-able numbers. Those two rigs (and any similar) are such that in 25-miles or less they have distinguished between mechanical & aerodynamic as to needed changes. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Race cars.

For the rest of us — and especially those of us with used vehicles — what’s necessary is of a higher standard than most cars with good owners receive.

In the end, MPG (as with tire & brake life) is an indicator of longevity. Reliability. Putting safety first actually makes a longer day easier. Less effort expended. Thus the same end is served.

The best trip is one that is forgotten before one falls asleep. The scenery or other pleasant sensations needn’t be tied to a particular route over a particular day, after all.

The willingness to use records henceforth, and occasionally test, is what creates the improved annual average mpg (expressed in cents-per-Mile). Repairs, maintenance and driver habits are at issue. Emotions about money & self.

“Success” is the percentage reduction.

Now, will that be in reduction of total annual miles? (Greatest effect, and easiest to achieve). Or, in reduction of fuel burn per mile (maybe greater satisfaction, but harder both to quantify and to achieve).

As to a vacation, it’s been about ten years since I posted it, but it’s possible to underwrite nearly all or most vacation travel by diligence the rest of the year.

Anyone up for 5,000-miles of free fuel towing a travel trailer on vacation?

I was aware of — but hadn’t thought through — the discrepancy between highway & city mpg until Diesel Dave made it a challenge: close that gap!

So, we’re all just sitting around having a cold one, MG.

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