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Originally Posted by Tahoe_Hybrid View Post
if your only avg 30 your only doing slightly better then my 6.0 liter v8 hybird which is getting 25 on the highway...

Looks like your getting the correct MPG
Model: 2009 Honda Fit 1.5l
MPG: 27 city / 33 highway

Model: 2007 Honda Fit manual 1.5l
MPG: 33 city / 38 highway

they increase the size and different engine hence less MPG
Some responses are noting that the AT gets less than the MT, and you're noting that I'm getting the EPA estimate. However, both of these comments disregard that I am not driving under EPA testing conditions. If I were, I would get somewhere around 25 MPG combined instead of 30.

I believe the trip MPG estimate on the dash to be fairly accurate in these vehicles, and trust that the vehicle should be getting at least what the estimate says.

Originally Posted by slowmover View Post
Needs a baseline:

Top off fuel at an Interstate fuel station near home. Early on a weekend morning.

Fill slow to first automatic cutoff. Ease onto Interstate ramp and engage cruise control just below 60-mph before entering main lane. Travel 100-miles outbound, and using a pre-planned exit and crossover with no stops, return to that pump in the same way.

Refill at same pump in same way.

This test can be replicated by anyone. At any time. Only temperature and traffic volume differ.

Remember: cruise control ONLY. This IS NOT about highest possible MPG number. It’s the baseline for all other comparisons.

As you make this drive note instant mpg. In the future, any changes will show themselves here. There’ll be a high on this device, and you’ll have the trip Average. These are for comparison purposes.

As example, I “know” my pickup can be loaded to just over 1,000-lbs above TARE, and, at 59-mph/1,725-rpm I won’t EVER fall below 24-mpg despite weather, traffic volume or other extraneous condition. Over my initial period of familiarity (the first 10k Miles for anyone), I adjusted myself to what the truck wanted. So that 24-mpg is dependent. It’s my adjusted baseline for the South Central United States.

An empty vehicle save driver isn’t a test. The test comes with a load. As against the empty baseline, how does it fare?

A plan has these elements. Be inclusive. Downhill mpg in an empty car is meaningless by itself.

I think I understand. Take a 100 mile trip directly from a fuel station next to the interstate. Travel another 100 miles back to the same fuel station. Cruise at 59 the whole way. This is my baseline.

I'm not sure what you mean about after that though?

No modifications. Engine-on P&G. No gauge.
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