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1000 words:

750 daily commute segments included in this.
11.9 gallon tank = 83 (ish) lb of fuel, assuming the above 7lb / gal is correct.
3.6% of my car's total weight (2300 lb).
6% improvement in mileage.

Driving environment:
50/50 rural highway (55 mph) and medium town (45 mph and stoplights). 11 miles commuting distance. Texas, so temperatures ranging from just below freezing to 105F in the summer. Rolling hills with ~100 ft elevation variation.

Driving Style:
P&G all the way, with eoc. That's likely part of why the weight makes such a big difference in my case. I'm always accelerating or coasting. It'd likely make less difference with a steady-state driving style.

I simply note the fill level, rounded to the nearest 1/4, and the trip mpg by Scangauge. Average by fill level, then chart it.

My civic (and others of the same era, from similar complaints I've heard) does NOT like to be run completely empty. Mileage is great right up until the warning light comes on. Then it starts sputtering and stumbling in certain situations. Because of this, I prefer to run it down to NEAR empty, but not quite all the way. Sometimes I do anyway, for data collection purposes, like this.

11-mile commute: 100 mpg - - - Tank: 90.2 mpg / 1191 miles

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