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genesis,to question,preach,unwavering

Originally Posted by redneck View Post
And here lies the problem.

How dare mere mortal men question Michael Manns work.

His work and hockey stick graph was the “GENESIS” moment of the global warming movement.

And just like any religion or cult, mere mortals are not allowed to question their doctrine and or founders.

They preach “Doom and Gloom” if one does not get behind their cause.

They require their followers to be unwavering fanatical participants.

They require that their followers not be lead astray by differing opinions.

They require that their followers attack and strike down all naysayers.

Case in point.

Questioning and requiring proof of a scientific theory is “aiding and abetting the enemy “ ???


Maybe a refresher coarse on how the scientific process works is required...

Note the process is circular, not linear.

In the cartoon to the right of the process...

Step Two is where the AGW crowd inserted Michael Mann and the hockey stick graph...

*looks like the genesis reaches back to around 1827,before the commie-pinko-*** climatologists existed.
*questions and skepticism are a integral part of science,however fossil-fuel industry financed skeptic,contrarian,denier pseudo-science hasn't contributed to global warming mitigation.All arguments from the 'scientific' deniers have been debunked and have no scientific merit.
*I've read actual testimony by scientists,from US Senate hearings,and the evidence is that they report information and attempt to connect dots for the committee members,whom have only a general education,and no command of specific details.If that's preaching,then I guess all doctors are preachers when after your lab work,they tell you that you've got high blood pressure,you're overweight,and if you don't do something about it,you're likely to develop type-2 diabetes,stroke,and heart attack.They use thermometers,pressure meters,and weight scales,and laboratory equipment also.Probably all socialist liars.Just in the medical profession to get rich,and redistribute wealth into their greedy-a-- pockets.
*James Hansen was completely wrong about the Venusian atmosphere.As soon as he found it out,he just abandoned his old beliefs and moved on with the new,better information.That would be an example of wavering.Wallace Broecker admitted his mistake about the North Atlantic conveyor being responsible for climate change.He apologised and moved on.These are some of the biggest names in climate science.I don't know what you're talking about.
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