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slight update. I have 5 Carlisle 225/75r15s arriving tonight. Going to check, clean, re grease wheel bearings soon. Im staining the trailer deck material today after work and doing some more paint prep work.

I run with an adjustable hitch and try to get the trailer level. we also welded up the anchor points on the trailer so that the side by side sits where it needs to for tongue weight/balance etc. Im not totally ocd about mpg as sometimes I don't feel like going 10-15mpg under the speed limit even with no one around but I feel I drive safely and much safer than many of the folks around me. I only let the truck idle at a minimum for the turbo to cool and use the block heater/full synthetic oil for winters (made a huge improvement by the way) I was burning way to much of the rotella t6 5w-40 so Im trying the newer t6 15w-40 in full synthetic this winter. I burned about 1.5quarts in 5k with conventional 15w-40 but that nearly tripled on the 5w-40.

truck has zero external leaks and I have resealed the fuel bowl/filter housing and fuel lines, replaced seaping high pressure oil pump lines, all new hoses for just about everything. Im more ocd about maintenance and its paid off over the years. many 20+yr old vehicles I have run just great just don't have all the touch screen stuff.

I check air pressure every couple of months but I do a walk around and my wife still pokes fun of me but I've caught low tires and leaks that way many times.

Appreciate all the great info and again making progress so hoping to post a pic with measurements.

my towing mpg seems pretty consistent. I use diesel kleen in the winter and that actually helped a solid 1mpg with winter cut blend.

me towing around 8k with the equipment trailer around 14mpg avg, city/highway.

me towing around 12-15k 8-12mpg. big 5th wheels drag a lot and lumber just is heavy for a single rear wheel 7.3l diesel with an auto.

me towing under 4k honestly 16-17+ mpg easy on highway and around 14-16 combined.

I run the tonneau cover when im empty and it paid it self off with ONE ROAD TRIP LOL. couldn't believe all the stuff I learned in a few days here lol.
1999 f250 4x4 7.3l automatic
19.5 mpg freeway- Newbie looking to improve!
-Tonneau cover, Intake, Straight pipe, improved turbo compressor wheel.
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